1987 The predecessor, "JIEMMCM" Jiaxing Import and Export Corporation and Jiaxing Metals Machinery Chemicals Medicines Foreign Trade Co., Ltd., mainly deals with importing and exporting metal, machinery, chemical industry, medicines and so on.

And we are a department deals with exporting chemical industry.

1993 The department of chemical industry developed step by step. The products developed from the single product: vanillin to natural essential oils.

1995 The business scope expanded further, mainly relied on natural essential oils and synthetic aromatic chemicals, and fine chemical industry as the complements. Meanwhile began to become the reliable supplier for some famous fragrances and flavors companies in the word.

1996 The products grew up to be serial gradually, mainly includes musk series, cedarwood oil series, sassafras oil series, turpentine derivatives series, and products based on phenol, etc.

2001 The company was reformed, from State-owned system into share holding system . Re-named into "Zhejiang Winsun Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.", it owned six branch companies. WinSunChem was one of the branches, which specialized in aromatic chemicals, essential oils, and fine chemical industry, and also deals with exporting other products, such as costume, light industry product and so on.

2002 WinSunChem underway to the integration of industry and trade . Established the close business relation with some important plants, built up its own sources bases, founded the quality control and inspection centers.

2003 WinSunChem re-named into " Jiaxing Sunlong Industrial& Trade Co., Ltd. " It becomes an independent legal company, which is a subsidiary company of "Zhejiang Winsun Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd." And it became a company with the integration of industry and trade. Its main products are: 1. costume & textile, 2. craft & light industry product, 3. chemical products, aromatic chemicals & essential oils.

2006 "WinSunChem" trademark is registered successfully, and become a famous brand of our chemical products, aromatic chemicals & essential oils.